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We operate two cloudbased servers in Singapure with guaranteed 24/7 Powersupply. The nodes run on Ubuntu 20.04 64Bit. Every server runs with 4 CPU's, 8GB memory, 4000GB bandwidth and a 160GB SSD. For comparison, IOHK suggests 4GB Memory, 24GB SSD space and 1GB bandwidth.

Because of this we can ensure a smoothly running system without overkilling it. Good for you, because we can simultaneously keep our operation costs low so that you can benefit from low fees (2%) within a sustainable system.

Our Team consits of engineers (BSc). We are very passionate about decentralization and we chose Cardano as our favorite project. We are in it since the ICO and into Cryptocurrencies since 2015.

In our Point of view, Cardano has the potential to change the world and that's why we want to be a part of it.


We have found, like many others, that our current financial system is based on fraud. It systematically enslaves people. To cut a long story short: In our eyes, the current monetary system is worthless and needs to be overturned. For Reference, have a look at the following clip:

The system is rigged. And it's heavily rigged! We don't want to be slaves for the rich and powerful anymore. We don't want to be "Taxcows" anymore! But we found hope.

Decentralization is the key to freedom. Decentralized systems cannot be manipulated and are completely transparent. They compensate for human characteristics like greed and abuse of power.

And that's why we do this. We don't want to get rich, we want to make a contribution. this intrinsic motivation is sustainable and spurs us on to continuously improve and optimize our pool. We will be there forever from today.

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